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Cryovac packaging

Our lamb is cut and cryovac packed (vacuum sealed) for a longer refrigerated shelf life and further enhancement of flavour and tenderness. Our lamb is vacuum sealed using the latest technology from Italy. We use a special Bone Guard to prevent the bone penetrating the plastic, which could shorten the shelf life.

Cryovac packaging is also known as ‘wet aging’ because once packed, the meat continues to tenderise and improve in a refrigerated environment for up to four weeks. Cryovac packaging also protects against bacterial spoilage once the product is frozen. The meat can be frozen for up to 12 months, although it is suggested that 6 months is a more optimal time frame.

Vacuum packaging inhibits destructive bacterial growth and also allows the natural tenderisation or ageing process to continue. This allows you to keep your Dorper Lamb in the fridge for up to four weeks. After this time, the meat must be used or frozen.

If a vacuum sealed bag is punctured, the meat should be used as soon as possible.

Vacuum sealed Meat Storage Tips

-  Vacuum sealed meat should be ideally stored at -1.5 C to +4 C

- Meats stored in vacuum may have an unusual odour when opened. The odour will dissipate after a few minutes and the meat will be perfectly sound for use.

- Check all vacuum sealed packaging on delivery.

-  Always store meat fat side up. 

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