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  1. How long will a full lamb pack last?
    If a family of 4, eating lamb three times per week, a full pack should last about three months.

  2. How much storage room in my freezer will a lamb pack require?
    1/2 a lamb takes up about 1/3 – 1/2 of a standard small freezer on top of your fridge.
    1 whole lamb takes up 3/4 – entire small freezer.

  3. Why are our mince and sausages ‘ Premium’?
    Mince and sausages are often made with offcuts and have a high fat content. Our mince and sausages are made of primal cuts.
    Our mince is 100% pure lamb and at times we will offer a choice of sausages, either our traditional gluten free sausages or our new line of homemade sausages.
    Our sausage casings used are made from a natural gelatin. The ratio of meat: fat used in our sausages is 80% muscle meat and 20% fat.
    There is a small amount of preservative 223 which is in the rice flour. Salt, pepper and herbs are the only other ingredients.

  4. I am not sure what to do with a certain cut of meat. Do you have recipes?
    We do have many recipes and a couple of cookbooks that we are going to share with our customers.  These are a 'work in progress'  as we improve our website.

  5. Are you an organic farm?
    No we are not certified organic, but the farm operates under an organic regime. It is natural, 100 % hormone free, grass fed lamb. Our home bred lambs graze freely on native pastures.
    No feed antibiotics are used, drenching is minimal as we control internal parasites through rotational grazing.
    Our limitation to obtaining an organic status is that we are restricted when buying in hay or when agisting sheep on leased land, which we do from time to time.

  6. How long from time of order to delivery?
    Products ordered before the order cut-off date for that month will be delivered on the next scheduled delivery date, which takes place 3-4 weeks later. These dates are found on our homepage.

  7. How do I place an order?
    Placing an order can be done by our online shopping cart system, or by calling us directly. You will need to select the items you wish to order and add them to your shopping cart.
    Once you have finished your cart, proceed to checkout where you will be asked to fill in your name, address and contact details. From there you will proceed to billing where you select a payment method.
    You can select to pay by Visa, Mastercard or bank deposit. Once your payment is received, your order will be confirmed by email.

  8. What is carcasse weight?
    The carcase weight is based on the cold (or hanging) weight of the lamb 12 or more hours after processing by the abattoir.
    Once your lamb is processed according to your order, there is a loss of weight due to boning, trimming, etc.


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