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About Us and our Aged Lamb

Our Lambs are grazed on natural grasses and clover in the pristine environment of NE Victoria. With plenty of pastures and abundant sunshine, they thrive on the quality feed that we can produce here.

Quality assured

  • 100% natural product
  • Free from chemicals used for insect control
  • No hormones or growth promotants
  • Free Range – naturally grazed
Every animal is tracked from our farm gate, to the local abattoir, and back to our boning room, meaning we have complete transparency through the entire supply chain. It also means far less stress on the animals, with only very short distances to be travelled in our truck.

Why Dorpers?

Dorpers were first bred in South Africa specifically for drier climates and in turn they thrive in most regions of Australia. Their ability to breed and finish year round allows us to consistently produce a premium product all year round.

Dorper Lamb is renowned for providing quality meat and an eating experience like no other – Just ask any professional chef what is their preferred lamb. Which is why other Dorper producers call them 'The Caviar of The Paddock' - from their unsurpassed tenderness and flavour, right through to their versatility in the kitchen for a range of dishes, Dorper Prime Lamb is an exceptional meat and one you will be sure to enjoy over and over.
See the section on our meat in the National Culinary Competition.


Our Lamb is Aged

The lamb is chilled for a minimum of 10 to 12 days before being prepared and packaged by our own butcher. Most butchers only chill the carcasse for 3-4 days, and sometimes less – they just don't have the cool room storage to be able to do it for longer.

Our system is designed to go that one step further and ensure we produce a premium product. Research has shown that the longer a carcasse is hung the more tender the resultant cuts. Aging on the bone (hanging) enhances tenderness by allowing naturally occurring enzymes in the meat to break down muscle fibre. The weakening of the muscle fibre enhances the eating quality of the meat. This critical part in the process is usually shortened in a retail environment and results in disappointing meat quality. We have been discussing the aging process with the CSIRO division of Food Technology, with whom we will share the results of our experiments with.

In the case of beef, where primal cuts can be dry aged for up to 120 days (although in Victoria we are restricted by legislation to a maximum of 56 days – for more info see our section on Dry aging), you will see it selling for up to $80-$100/kg – there is a cost to storing and aging, but the end result is a superior eating experience.  For lamb the same applies and we are committed to producing a far better experience with our Aged lamb (we are currently restricted to a maximum of 14 days for hanging by legislation – more on that later).
The product is then delivered to you in a PrimeSafe accredited refrigerated vehicle.


Meat Standards Australia (MSA)

Our lamb is produced using Meat Standards Australia guidelines, to minimise stress and guarantee meat quality. Our lambs are always treated in an ethical and humane manner both on farm, but equally importantly, once they leave the farm. We do not consign animals to bulk transporters, saleyards or other handlers where they can be mixed, roughly handled and exposed to high levels of stress. Our livestock are free to roam the farm and always have access to plenty of quality feed, fresh water and shelter.

Our lambs enjoy a low stress natural environment and are managed and moved in a quiet, gentle manner. That is just another reason why our farm fresh lamb is more TENDER and SUCCULENT – setting us apart from the supermarkets.

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